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Kodak i5600V

Kodak i5600V

The Kodak i5600V scanners greatly increase processing volume and accuracy to help you make informed decisions faster, speed up business processes and deliver better customer service. Our new capture platform allows easy upgrades and simple integration with your new IT strategy or existing process. Load any mix of diverse documents and your i5600V Scanner will find the fastest way to scan, perform imaging functions, extract data and neatly stack originals.

Key Features

  • Fast, 170 ppm/680 ipm scanning

  • LED light-source

  • 750-page Automatic Document Feeder
Kodak i5600V

Other Features

  • Fast, 170 ppm/680 ipm scanning in colour, grayscale and monochrome.
  • 750-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
  • Improve accuracy and processing times.
  • Smart Touch functionality streamlines repetitive tasks, simplifies information sharing, and makes your scanning life easier.
  • Perfect Page technology optimizes image quality for data extraction and intelligently handles image-processing tasks — delivering extended functionality to many applications.
  • Make repeated and complex functions one-button easy – simplify tasks, according to common job orders, with programmable function keys to minimize human interaction while improving accuracy and processing times.
  • SurePath Paper Handling delivers advanced feeding and stacking functions for increased performance and reduced prep time.
  • Wide-angle viewing with two ergonomically correct positions – vibrant, full- touch screen.
  • Heavy-duty features into a device that takes up less space on your desk and less time in your day.
  • Get reliable output in colour or black and white, at 600 dpi, on images, text, and mixed-size documents.

Highlighted Accessories

  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Comes with Feeder consumables kits, imaging guide set, printer ink cartridge and carrier, transport cleaning sheets, roller cleaning pads, printer ink blotters, Staticide Wipes, switchable black/white background.

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