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Colour Jet Printers

  • Image of ProJet 160

    ProJet 160

    The ProJet 160 3D printer puts your ideas in the palm of your hand with professional 3D printing at an affordable cost -- an ideal solution for concept models, assemblies and prototypes in manufacturing, communications, healthcare, education and a wide array of other applications.

  • Image of ProJet 260C

    ProJet 260C

    The ProJet 260C is a fast, affordable solution for full-colour 3D printing of strong, high-definition concept models to help you realize your design concepts, communicate ideas more easily, and create assemblies and prototypes for use in engineering, consumer products, recreation, healthcare, education and other applications.

  • Image of ProJet 360

    ProJet 360

    The ProJet 360 lets you print strong, accurate and realistic 3D parts, prototypes, concept models and assemblies to test your ideas more quickly -- with fast output speed and the ability to build multiple models simultaneously for higher productivity in manufacturing, communications and a wide range of specialized applications.

  • Image of ProJet 460Plus

    ProJet 460Plus

    With colour 3D prototyping capability, the ProJet 460Plus is your solution for creating strong, accurate and realistic parts, prototypes, concept models and more. Fast output delivers more work in less time — and you can print text labels, logos, design comments or images directly on models in a single step for greater realism.

  • Image of ProJet 660Pro

    ProJet 660Pro

    Full-colour 3D output at higher speed and affordable cost makes the ProJet 660Pro large 3D printer a valuable solution for design firms, model makers, engineers, manufacturers and other applications requiring strong, accurate 3D printed parts. Operation is simple, multiple printing is fast, and you can print labels, logos and images in colour for greater realism.

  • Image of ProJet 860Pro

    ProJet 860Pro

    Top of the line performance puts the ProJet 860Pro full colour 3D printer at the head of its class — with full-colour CMYK output, the ability to produce 96 large-size prototypes per build, and high-speed output of strong, accurate parts and prototypes that make design ideas come alive for manufacturing, design and other applications.