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Digital Maturity Assessment

Your Path to Digital Transformation, Simplified


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Taking the time to understand your technology ecosystem and any areas for improvement brings you one step closer to realizing an Intelligent Connected Workplace.


At Konica Minolta we want to help our clients make sense of the dizzying pace of technology changes out there. To provide a framework and some honest recommendations to help you plan for your digital future. Our approach to digital transformation has small and mid-sized organizations at its core.

Our Our short, free Digital Maturity Assessment can help you prioritize technology initiatives across four key areas:

  1. Security
  2. Collaboration & Productivity
  3. Connectivity & Mobility
  4. Business Resillience

We are here to help get you there!

The Top Three Reasons
Why You Should Take Our Digital Maturity Assessement Today:

  1. Easy to Understand: All of the actionable strategies, none of the complicated technical jargon.
  2. Backed by Industry-Leading Expertise: Leaders don't need generic observations. They need a plan that aligns technology, policy, and operations to drive agility and resilience.
  3. Take A Hold of Your Digital Future Today: Don’t spend any more time and resources without a plan. In just 20 Questions, 10 Minutes, you can change your digital future forever.


of companies that reported a positive business impact

from digital transformation also reported higher net revenue growth.


of executives don’t think their company has the right

technology to implement digital transformation.


of companies plan to adopt or have already

adopted a digital business strategy.



Digital transformation is transforming an organization's operations and processes through technology. Digital transformation is about creating value and improving people's lives. It focuses on the use of technology to enable faster and easier decisions.

Digital transformation is a process that helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. It enables them to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

It is a dynamic and digitally transformed work model that enables organizations to connect and transform their workplaces by linking disparate data points and better corporate insights to help more innovative ways of working. It reimagines the traditional 9-5 into a more flexible and creative environment.

Digital maturity is the pursuit of The Intelligent Connected Workplace. It is the capability to create value from digital and is a critical factor that businesses look at when launching a successful digital transformation.

A low level of digital maturity can prevent companies from realizing the full benefits of digital. With the rapid pace of advancement, the gap between mature and immature organizations is likely to grow.

Proper digital maturity can help achieve various performance indicators, such as revenue growth and time to market. Before a digital transformation project begins, companies use their maturity scores to track their digital growth and identify areas where they're falling short. Digital maturity also helps clarify an organization's digital capabilities and helps them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Through deep-dive assessments, companies can also measure their current capabilities and improve their performance against key performance indicators.