Zeta Book Scanner

Zeta Book Scanner

The Konica Minolta PS5000C MKII is a fast, high-quality scanning solution for books, large originals and 3D objects up to 2” high — with simple face-up scanning to protect book bindings and fragile documents, plus a wide array of auto-imaging features to make scanning simple.

Key Features

  • Maximum scan size: 19” x 14”
  • Colour, grayscale, B&W scanning
  • Resolution up to 600 dpi (with option)
  • Scans books up to 4” thick (with option)

Other Features

  • An ideal solution for high-quality, cost-efficient colour digital scanning of books, magazines, historical documents, ring binders, plans, contracts and artwork.
  • Plug-and-scan simplicity — just unpack your Zeta scanner, plug it in, place an open book or original document on the copy area and start scanning.
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation makes it perfect for high-speed scanning in schools, copy shops, banks, law offices and other public-access sites.
  • You can view, print, email your scan, save data to a USB memory device, send scans to follow-me applications, save scan files to FTP or upload to the cloud.
  • Face-up operation protects bindings and fragile originals; to scan multiple pages, just turn each page — no need to handle the bound volume.
  • Distorted letters in the book fold or skewed alignments are automatically straightened, eliminating the need for rescans that waste time and paper.
  • You can preview each scan on the high-resolution touchscreen display — with glare-free viewing that’s visible even in high ambient light.
  • Flexible interfaces, multilingual user menus, remote maintenance and administration capabilities, Perfect Book 3.0 compatibility.

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