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Product Accessibility

Equal Workplace Opportunities For Everyone

Konica Minolta believes that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to perform the work they want to perform and be as productive as they desire. Our products are designed for everyone, regardless of their disability. It’s our commitment to workplace accessibility.


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bizhub MFPs provide enhanced accessibility for all users

Konica Minolta engineers are dedicated to providing state of the art imaging technologies to everyone in the office regardless of their physical capabilities. As a result of this commitment and following guidelines from the United States’ Americans with Disabilities Act (Section 508), Konica Minolta multifunctional systems contain numerous functions and features that provide an easy and friendly user interface and operation for individuals with disabilities.

Enhanced operational functionality includes: front-loading paper trays, adjustable display contrasts, enlarged displays, tilt-enabled control panels, extra-large buttons, convenient heights and reach, and easily accessible printer interiors for adding toner and replacing imaging cartridges.

Our goal: Make our products truly user friendly for everyone

Konica Minolta has a Universal Design Committee dedicated to accessible printing. The group is composed of members from each discrete R&D Division as well as the Design Division.

In addition, Konica Minolta staffs Universal Design Workgroups (LCD Panel Workgroup, Options Workgroup, Applications etc.) within the Universal Design Committee to focus on accessibility of each function and to assure a constant specification across the product line.

Konica Minolta’s evaluators represent a diverse cross-section of disabilities who evaluate our products to make sure that the multi-function printer meets their requirements.

During the evaluation process, if the product specification does not meet with their approval (in the middle of the design process), the target product does not move onto the Product Design stage. In addition, if the evaluation does not pass after final evaluation, the product will not be launched. Therefore, users can be assured that, by the time our product comes to market, it will prove accessible for all users.