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Clean Planet

Welcome to the Clean Planet Program

The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta's way of recognizing its responsibility towards the environment. Konica Minolta has partnered with Clover Technologies Group, leading global recyclers of imaging consumables, to process returned consumables in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.


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No cost to consumer

Unlike some recycling plans, Konica Minolta's cost free recycling program doesn't require you to pay for recycling costs or shipping. All Konica Minolta and other manufacturer consumables can be recycled. No matter the volume, there is a program to fit your needs.

Total Commitment to the Environment

For years, Konica Minolta has led the industry in policies and technologies designed to protect our green planet – saving energy, minimizing pollution and reducing environmental impact through the entire lifecycle of our products.

Konica Minolta encourages our customers to take a step ahead with us in reducing our eco-footprint by simply returning empty toner cartridges and other related imaging consumables to us for recycling.

Clean Planet Brochure | Clean Planet Quick Reference Quide


We accept empty recycling consumables such as toner cartridges, imaging units, fusers, developer units and drums from ANY manufacturer.


To minimize the environmental impact of shipping, we encourage you to select from the following recycling programs that meet your monthly usage of consumables.

Below are details on how to handle your consumables. For more in-depth instructions (including how to package your consumables), refer to the Quick Reference Guide, which includes program information, safe shipping methods and pallet pick-up instructions.

Shipping Label

Consider this recycling program if you have:

  • A low to medium volume of consumables

Toner Cartridges and Ink Cartridges

  • Shipments should contain a minimum of 20 items or 20 lbs of mixed product
  • Another option is to place your empty toner cartridge in the box your new toner cartridge came in and affix a pre-paid shipping label

Other consumables

  • We recommend that you package other consumables (imaging units, fusers, developer units and drums) in your own box and affix a pre-paid shipping label
  • Another option is to place your consumables in the box your new consumable came in and affix a pre-paid shipping label

For all items

  • Ensure the consumable is sealed to prevent any consumable leakage
  • Ensure the consumable is not damaged or has exposed sharp edges

Once your consumables are ready to be returned:

  • Give the box to your UPS driver OR
  • Drop off your box at a UPS facility

Please note that you may print a maximum of 5 shipping labels. Also please note that scheduling a pick-up may incur a fee. Konica Minolta is not responsible for any fees associated to scheduling a pick-up. Konica Minolta reserves the right to alter the Clean Planet Recycling Program at any time. If you would like to order a recycling box, click here.

Pallet Pickup

Consider this recycling program if you have:

  • A high volume of consumables
  • 100 or more consumables per month
  • For customers with loading docks only

Step 1

Collect and prepare cartridges for shipment

  • Collect cartridges on a pallet. Be sure to keep cartridges in original packaging or wrap them individually for protection
  • Please shrink-wrap the entire pallet
    (Note: The pallet height should not exceed 7 feet with levelled layers)
  • Approximately 75-100 laser toner cartridges will fit on a standard pallet
    Customers shipping ink cartridges should keep them contained in a separate box from the toner to help prevent damage
  • Our recycling partner will schedule the pallet pick-up within 48 hours

Step 2

Please enter your pallet request online:

  • The Clean Planet team will complete the shipping request and send the customer a confirmation e-mail containing the following information:
  • Pick up date and designated carrier authorized for the pallet pick up
  • Pallet tag that must be attached to each pallet of cartridges included in current shipment
  • Bill of Lading that will be provided to the carrier picking up the shipment

Step 3

Label your pallet and ship it

  • Affix pallet labels to each pallet – it is best to shrink wrap around this label if possible
    Note: Please print four pallet label tags for each pallet and affix a label to each side of the pallet
  • Communicate to shipping personnel all pertinent shipping information and advise them of
    the scheduled pick-up
  • Make a copy of the Bill of Lading for customer records

Questions? Please call Clover Technologies Group at 1-877-803-6407.

Please note: Konica Minolta's Clean Planet Recycling Program is free of charge with the use of UPS shipping labels. Konica Minolta requests that you discontinue the use of Canada Post and Purolator shipping labels immediately as they are no longer valid under Konica Minolta's Clean Planet Recycling Program. Please be advised that if a shipment does not use a UPS shipping label, the shipment will be returned to the sender and Konica Minolta is not responsible for any charges that may apply as a result.