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AccurioShine 101

AccurioShine 101

Today’s market requires that printers continually add services to their business to help clients stand out in the marketplace. Digital printing is just not enough anymore — we must rethink how to add value to the printed sheet and increase profit margin. The AccurioShine 101 delivers embellishments that will make printed pieces more eye-grabbing and undeniably effective.

Key Features

  • Printing enhancements that expand your business

  • Applications that attract and engage customers

  • Digital foil

  • Easy-to-use & maintain
AccurioShine 101

Other Features

Learn more about the power of the AccurioShine 101

Air-Suction Paper Feed: Ideal for digital print documents, the air-suction paper feed minimizes damage. You can adjust the amount of air and prevent two-sheet feeding.

Easy-To-Use Operation: The touchscreen allows you to easily make various adjustments on the fly. You can even automatically adjust the temperature by simply pressing the switch.

Dust Removal Function: Removes dust on the paper before laminating or transferring foil to prevent quality problems.

High Quality: Employs foils designed optimally for the AccurioPress series toner. Its excellent transfer characteristics mean high-quality embellishments are achieved at a low price.

Multi-Task: Various embellishments can be performed simply by changing the film. No time-consuming or costly setup.

Applications that attract and engage customers

  • Eye-catching, experiential direct mail
  • Impactful business cards
  • Jaw-dropping invitations
  • Luxurious quality glosses

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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)- Asponte Custom Skin