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Enhancing Flexibility, Reducing Costs, and Ensuring Security

Discover seamless solutions to manage your print output efficiently. At Konica Minolta, our goal is to empower users to print what they need, when they need it, without disrupting their workflow. By simplifying your print infrastructure, we help you reduce costs and complexities. Additionally, our secure systems ensure compliance with regulatory standards across all industries. Experience the convenience of our comprehensive print output management solutions today.


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Unlock Your Printing Potential with Scalable Solutions

Konica Minolta offers a range of cutting-edge solutions to streamline your printing process. Enjoy features like Rules Based Printing, Secure Follow You Printing, and the convenience of mobile printing from your phone, tablet, or iPad. With our solutions, you can easily allocate costs by user or department, using the same authentication methods as logging into your computer or accessing your building, including IC cards. Our Print Management solutions are tailored to suit your organization's specific needs, and can scale from SMB to enterprise customers with global offices. Whether your users are local, mobile, or scattered across the world, Konica Minolta has the right solutions to meet your requirements.

Dispatcher Paragon+

Enhance productivity, reduce print costs, and ensure document security with advanced scanning capabilities at the MFP, including OCR document transformation and automatic integration with leading cloud storage applications, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and many more! Dispatcher Paragon+ also provides valuable insights into MFP usage, delivering detailed output and cost reports for a comprehensive overview of print behavior at the user and job level. This critical information optimizes operations, improves workflows, and boosts the bottom line.

Print Management Benefits

Real Time Cost Savings:

Real-time tracking capabilities and rich reporting features enable organizations to get a clear view of all print, scan, and copy activity.

Secure Pull Print Release:

Access control and secure pull print prevent unauthorized usage and protects sensitive information at the MFP, providing advanced information security and industry compliance.

Cloud-Based Options Available:

Options are available to bring the cloud to your print environment through either a reserved or shared hosted infrastructure service.

Support for Scan to Popular Cloud-Based Repositories:

Includes direct connectors to: Box® ; Dropbox® ; Google Drive™ ; Microsoft® OneDrive®; Microsoft® SharePoint®, and many more.

Central User and Role Management:

Individual user access rights to MFPs for copy, print, scan and fax functionalities can be easily and conveniently managed centrally.


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