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Protect Your Data and Devices with A Comprehensive Security Strategy

It's amazing just how few companies have a strong security policy in place for their data — the lifeblood of most businesses. Or perhaps those who do neglect to update it even though the threats grow smarter and more ferocious every day. So what about you? Do you have an updated policy in place to guard your information? When was the last time you even thought about it?


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Safeguard Your Data in Today's Digital Landscape

In today's digital landscape, organizations must be vigilant in protecting their data from potential breaches. With the ever-expanding areas where data is stored and accessed, businesses must have a comprehensive document and data security strategy. Without one, companies risk costly and time-consuming data breaches that can disrupt operations and result in financial penalties.

Addressing Vulnerable Points of Access

Sensitive information can be breached at multiple points of access within a company's network. This includes MFPs and other endpoint devices that may hold resident data that can be targeted for hacking. Many IT departments may not have the resources to ensure machine security across all devices, making it essential for these devices to have automated security processes in place to reduce risk.

Konica Minolta addresses these risks with bizhub SECURE, a suite of tools including hard drive lock passwords, hard drive encryption, automatic deletion of temporary image data, and data overwrite of electronic documents on a timed basis.

bizhub SECURE Family of Services

bizhub SECURE Healthcare, built to provide healthcare organizations with an MFP that complies with PIPEDA technical requirements regarding protected health information.

bizhub SECURE Platinum is an enhanced service that provides added focus on the industry-specific requirements for the finance and education sectors.

AccurioPRO SECURE provides the known and trusted document and data security solutions of bizhub SECURE to our Production Print line of devices

Simplify Print Fleet Security

Shield Guard makes it straightforward to keep an eye on print fleet security. Shield Guard provides a cloud-based platform that collects information about the security status of all your devices, notifies you in the event of an incident, and performs mitigation.

With Shield Guard, business owners benefit from the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive - yet easy-to understand - overview of print fleet security performance, and a solution that supports the organization’s compliance with information security regulations.

Exceeding Industry Cybersecurity Standards

Konica Minolta puts its products through rigorous internal cybersecurity tests to protect systems and ensure they meet PIPEDA regulations. But to ensure our customers receive the highest level of protection, we also invest in an extra layer of threat protection — penetration tests provided by NTT DATA Security Services.

We provided a line of our bizhub iSeries multifunction printers and their source code to NTT DATA for penetration testing. More than 80 hours of simulated attacks failed to extract or compromise any data, with the MFPs successfully maintaining the privacy and integrity of all stored information.

In addition to meeting the industry standard Common Criteria for IT security, ISO/IEC 15408, we further validate our printers through the bizhub SECURE service. Before sending a device to a client’s network, bizhub SECURE configures the device with additional encryption and security settings.

Benefits of Secure Data & Device Solutions

Automated security processes

Enjoy worry-free protection for your devices with systems designed to eliminate manual settings and human errors.

Customized services

We believe in personalized solutions to help you stay protected to the highest security and compliance standards.

Convenient monitoring and management

Stay in control, receive instant notifications, and handle security incidents on the go. Your security status is just a click away.

Backed by the best

We ensure your security solutions comply with PIPEDA regulations and are backed by robust tests by NTT DATA Security Services, a global cybersecurity leader.

360-degree security

Providing various layers of protection throughout your computer system, with each level requiring a unique method of security.

Trusted partner

We're more than a security provider. We're your partner in achieving business goals and enhancing customer experience.


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