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Managed Print Services

Rethink Print - Simplify your Print Management Strategy

Did you know that between 1% - 3% of corporate revenues are spent on producing printed documents? Print-related expenses are the third-highest office expense after payroll and rent (Beneath the Surface, IDC, 2011). Gain control over your print-related spending! Discover EasyFleet. Let Konica Minolta put the “easy” in your print management strategy.


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Stable Pricing, No Surprises

Whether you’ve got just a few print devices in one office, or a fleet across multiple locations, we have you covered. Get simple, cost-effective, and predictable pricing. Consolidate your print spending into a single flat fee per month or a fixed cost-per-page. Don’t worry, Konica Minolta will still cover toner, parts, and service.*

Any Printer, Any Sized Environment

Workflow optimization solutions provide both cloud and on-premise options to manage the flow of information through your production facility. From the initial point that the order comes in to your facility all the way through shipping and delivery confirmation, you need visibility, flexibility and reporting. Konica Minolta’s workflow optimization solutions allow you to leverage existing investments and create workflows that meet your needs, now and into the future. By building a strong operational base and partnering with us, you can go more confidently after new and emerging opportunities in the evolving graphic communications space.

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Consider these print management benefits:

Fleet Management and Visibility:

Track printer assets and report generation give you statistical analysis for account and compliance needs, revealing your true cost of utilization and operations.

Optimal Fleet Deployment:

You can right-size the document output fleet and establish continuous optimization with a low cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Deployment Management:

Take a proactive approach to managing your incidents and problem resolutions, asset use, print tracking, consumable and service costs.

Asset End-of-Life Analysis:

Realize a total cost of ownership analysis during the operation term of the device, providing you with optimal device retirement cycles.

Improved Security:

Design and implementation of integrated information security solutions allows for user authentication and data-safe hard disk handling of disposed devices.


Environmentally-friendly, document-related hardware and business workflows help you monitor and assess environmental performance to meet sustainability goals.

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