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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)- Asponte Custom Skin

  • Are you Focused on Growing your Professional Service Organization (PSO)?

    Are you looking to grow your Professional Service Organization (PSO) and unlock hidden revenues? Let's talk about how cybersecurity measures can help!

    A strong cybersecurity framework not only protects you but also gives you a unique selling point. With their data safe with you, clients stick around.

    And here's an interesting fact: Nearly 15% of 2022's cyber incidents targeted PSOs like yours. It's time to level up your defenses and turn cybersecurity into a competitive advantage.

    Come fortify your framework with our experts this Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

    Join seasoned PSO maestro Marco Maggio, as he delves into the blueprint of creative growth strategies for professional services organizations. Alongside him will be cybersecurity gurus Cando Wango and Huw Evans who will unpack how cybersecurity can supercharge PSOs all over North America.

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  • Tech Tuesday: Simplifying Interoperability & Document Management in Healthcare

    The healthcare sector is often overwhelmed with administrative tasks, many of which are manual, paper-based, time-consuming, and susceptible to errors.

    In this session, we'll focus on improving interoperability and introducing workflow solutions to boost productivity in healthcare organizations. Our industry experts will share valuable insights, offer practical advice, and discuss potent strategies to help you navigate these changes with relative ease.

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  • Learn how to reimagine your accounts payable processes with AI

    Reimagine Your Accounts Payable Processes with Artificial Intelligence

    Are you looking for a way to automate your Accounts Payable processes but don’t want to disrupt daily operations? Capturing AP documents with templates can be highly involved, often requiring additional templates to be created for each new vendor and format change. But now, AI-assisted capture puts this method firmly in the past. Join us  for an educational discussion and demonstration that will reveal how your Accounts Payable Department can achieve greater success with automation.

    Automation Experts Bios:

    Stephen Young

    Stephen has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and thrives on transforming businesses through simplifying business tasks. Stephen is the President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks.*

    Dan Miranda

    With a dedicated career in Information Technology, Dan has served in numerous professional service and project management roles. Prior to his current position, Dan spent the last ten years leading Square 9’s* Professional Services Group to unprecedented growth and success. His expertise is widely sought after by customers and colleagues alike.

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    * Square 9 Softworks/Square 9: Is an award-winning solutions developer known for simplifying document-related tasks. Square 9 simplifies common business tasks with enterprise content management, document capture, web forms, and business process automation tools that can be easily adapted to automate any paper-intensive process.

  • Technology Tuesday: Rethink Talent Management

    As the business landscape evolves rapidly, organizations must keep pace with the latest trends and technologies to remain competitive. During this 30 min webcast, you can discover innovative ideas to: bridge talent gaps; retain top performers; aid recruitment processes; and so much more! Join the next session of the Technology Tuesday Speaker Series to hear our guest speaker, Ron Thompson Jr., Vice President & General Manager of Intelligent Information Management at Konica Minolta, discuss how automation is transforming talent management strategies.

    We hope you can join us to learn all about how organizations just like yours are investing in automation to streamline operations, combat inflation, and address shortcomings caused by headcount issues, and other external factors. With automation, you can empower your most productive staff to focus on the most important tasks to unleash maximum efficiency. Join us on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, at 1 pm ET to explore the future of talent management!

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  • How to Patch Holes in Your Data & Office Device Security Strategy

    In today's fast-paced working environments, organizations need to safeguard their data in ever expanding areas in order to avoid costly and time-consuming breaches that can halt operations and result in financial penalties.

    Watch our experts discuss what steps you need to take to secure your local or remote office environments, protect client data, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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  • Safeguard Against Cyber Risk

    Insuring against cybercrime is becoming more and more difficult and expensive.

    The average cost of a ransomware attack is $1.85 million, and it takes 22 days to recover. How do you ensure you get the insurance coverage you need in the age of malware and botnets?

    Watch as our experts explore the effects of cybercrime and how you can protect your organization with cyber insurance!

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  • Learn how to turn soft signage into cold cash

    Watch November Wide Format Wednesday webinar recording to learn how you can get into the lucrative soft signage segment with the EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU® 340i+ printer. It will meet your needs for more capabilities, outstanding image quality, production-level speeds, and higher profits. Hear from EFI’s product experts and media partner Aberdeen Fabrics about new application segments that are now possible with a growing, diverse and exciting range of materials. See how soft signage can expand your business, allow you to offer new products, and delight your customers – all while having a positive impact on your operations and bottom line.

    Don’t miss the virtual product demo and Q&A session.


  • Video Security Solutions: Discover the key to a secure workplace

    In this technology-driven world, we can connect to the people and information we need in our daily lives anytime, anywhere. However, in the remote and hybrid environment of today, managing security and resource optimization for facilities and employees has become challenging. When blind spots exist in these areas, your organization can experience reduced employee safety, increased theft, and operational inefficiencies.

    Join Konica Minolta's Digital Transformation experts for an insightful session that explores how an end-to-end video security solution can give you all the right technology tools to fully protect your organization.

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  • Be a Video Security Superhero in Transportation & Logistics

    Ready to become a video security superhero for the transportation industry? From seaports to airports, train stations to bus stations, and freight warehouses, we know how crucial it is for physical security teams to provide the highest level of safety and protection, while keeping operations and logistics running smoothly. It’s a ‘great responsibility’ with dangers and risks (your security villains!) waiting around every corner, parking lot, loading dock and facility entrance.

    Click the link below to learn how to prevent the biggest challenges in security for the transportation & logistics industry. Accidents, fires, theft, unauthorized intruders and property damage will become your defeated enemies in no time!

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  • Cybercrime Pays: Don’t Let Hackers Drive You Out of Business

    It is no longer a question of ‘if’ you can be hacked, but ‘when’

    Click the link below to access a thought-provoking webcast with Cybersecurity Expert Graham Cluley shares insights on the inner workings of sophisticated cybercriminal gangs and shows just how easy it is for hackers to make a fortune by stealing your data. You don’t want to miss this session filled with practical tips and plenty of intrigues!

    As the hacker economy booms and most cybersecurity breaches occur due to human error, your business is a prime target for cybercriminals looking to profit, gain attention, or simply disrupt your business. Graham will share anecdotes from his thirty-year career fighting cybercrime from the frontline and will explain how data can fall into the wrong hands, intentionally or unintentionally.

    Join us for this exciting session to learn more about:

    • What makes companies vulnerable
    • How to protect yourself and your customers from attack
    • The dark side of the internet and the incredible stories it holds

    Understand your risks and prepare for the unpredictable today!

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  • Be more competitive and profitable with today's EFI roll-to-roll portfolio

    Strength in Numbers – EFI R2R portfolio has helped hundreds of customers grow their profits

    EFI’s Tomer Ohavi, R2R Product Manager, reviewed the existing industry leading Roll-to-roll portfolio with a special focus on the versatile EFI Pro 32r+. He shared some insights into EFI’s ability to help customers continue to growth their business with EFI products. Tomer also discussed how customers can profit from new opportunities and new markets with the capabilities to produce a wide range of high-margin applications on a a huge variety of flexible materials.

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  • Decoding EDR, MDR, and other Security Acronyms

    Modern threats need security solutions with advanced capabilities - you can't just rely on traditional endpoint solutions like antivirus and signature-based protection to secure your organization. Check out this session for a LIVE demo of a comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, learn what EDR is, what it means for your organization, and how to make it work for you.

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  • Preventing Loss for Business Efficiency

    Your data is always at risk. Whether it's from accidental file deletions, a ransomware attack, or a natural disaster, data loss can cripple your organization. Join Konica Minolta and our valued partner, Datto, for our next Technology Tuesday Speaker Series session to learn how you can reduce downtime and data loss to ensure operations keep running.

    See how easily and quickly your system can be infected by ransomware in our LIVE demo.

    In this session, you will learn:

    • Options for Data Recovery
    • What a Ransomware attack looks like
    • Considerations that go into an Efficiency Backup & Recovery Plan

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  • Rethink Efficiency & Workplace Culture small thumb

    Rethink Efficiency & Workplace Culture in the Digital Age

    Click the button below to access a thought-provoking webcast, full of practical tips that will make work more efficient, reduce stress and help you build a better digital culture. As the pressures on businesses continue to increase, organizations are being tasked to do more with less and make better use of their technology.


  • Digitizing Information Management

    If the previous year has highlighted anything, it is the importance of a structured approach to contingency planning and digital transformation to boost resiliency in the face of complex macroeconomic, microeconomic and technological currents. Join us on February 16th to learn how to create a targeted digital journey roadmap that will help your business drive revenue growth, enable more intelligent decisions, and boost business resilience.

    Understanding where you are today and knowing where you want to be in the future is the key to a successful digital transformation.

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