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  • Are you Focused on Growing your Professional Service Organization (PSO)?

    Are you looking to grow your Professional Service Organization (PSO) and unlock hidden revenues? Let's talk about how cybersecurity measures can help!

    A strong cybersecurity framework not only protects you but also gives you a unique selling point. With their data safe with you, clients stick around.

    And here's an interesting fact: Nearly 15% of 2022's cyber incidents targeted PSOs like yours. It's time to level up your defenses and turn cybersecurity into a competitive advantage.

    Come fortify your framework with our experts this Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

    Join seasoned PSO maestro Marco Maggio, as he delves into the blueprint of creative growth strategies for professional services organizations. Alongside him will be cybersecurity gurus Cando Wango and Huw Evans who will unpack how cybersecurity can supercharge PSOs all over North America.

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  • Tech Tuesday: Simplifying Interoperability & Document Management in Healthcare

    The healthcare sector is often overwhelmed with administrative tasks, many of which are manual, paper-based, time-consuming, and susceptible to errors.

    In this session, we'll focus on improving interoperability and introducing workflow solutions to boost productivity in healthcare organizations. Our industry experts will share valuable insights, offer practical advice, and discuss potent strategies to help you navigate these changes with relative ease.

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  • Learn how to reimagine your accounts payable processes with AI

    Reimagine Your Accounts Payable Processes with Artificial Intelligence

    Are you looking for a way to automate your Accounts Payable processes but don’t want to disrupt daily operations? Capturing AP documents with templates can be highly involved, often requiring additional templates to be created for each new vendor and format change. But now, AI-assisted capture puts this method firmly in the past. Join us  for an educational discussion and demonstration that will reveal how your Accounts Payable Department can achieve greater success with automation.

    Automation Experts Bios:

    Stephen Young

    Stephen has over 30 years of experience in the software industry and thrives on transforming businesses through simplifying business tasks. Stephen is the President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks.*

    Dan Miranda

    With a dedicated career in Information Technology, Dan has served in numerous professional service and project management roles. Prior to his current position, Dan spent the last ten years leading Square 9’s* Professional Services Group to unprecedented growth and success. His expertise is widely sought after by customers and colleagues alike.

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    * Square 9 Softworks/Square 9: Is an award-winning solutions developer known for simplifying document-related tasks. Square 9 simplifies common business tasks with enterprise content management, document capture, web forms, and business process automation tools that can be easily adapted to automate any paper-intensive process.

  • Technology Tuesday: Rethink Talent Management

    As the business landscape evolves rapidly, organizations must keep pace with the latest trends and technologies to remain competitive. During this 30 min webcast, you can discover innovative ideas to: bridge talent gaps; retain top performers; aid recruitment processes; and so much more! Join the next session of the Technology Tuesday Speaker Series to hear our guest speaker, Ron Thompson Jr., Vice President & General Manager of Intelligent Information Management at Konica Minolta, discuss how automation is transforming talent management strategies.

    We hope you can join us to learn all about how organizations just like yours are investing in automation to streamline operations, combat inflation, and address shortcomings caused by headcount issues, and other external factors. With automation, you can empower your most productive staff to focus on the most important tasks to unleash maximum efficiency. Join us on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, at 1 pm ET to explore the future of talent management!

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  • How to Patch Holes in Your Data & Office Device Security Strategy

    In today's fast-paced working environments, organizations need to safeguard their data in ever expanding areas in order to avoid costly and time-consuming breaches that can halt operations and result in financial penalties.

    Watch our experts discuss what steps you need to take to secure your local or remote office environments, protect client data, and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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  • Safeguard Against Cyber Risk

    Insuring against cybercrime is becoming more and more difficult and expensive.

    The average cost of a ransomware attack is $1.85 million, and it takes 22 days to recover. How do you ensure you get the insurance coverage you need in the age of malware and botnets?

    Watch as our experts explore the effects of cybercrime and how you can protect your organization with cyber insurance!

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  • Learn how to turn soft signage into cold cash

    Watch November Wide Format Wednesday webinar recording to learn how you can get into the lucrative soft signage segment with the EFI™ VUTEk® FabriVU® 340i+ printer. It will meet your needs for more capabilities, outstanding image quality, production-level speeds, and higher profits. Hear from EFI’s product experts and media partner Aberdeen Fabrics about new application segments that are now possible with a growing, diverse and exciting range of materials. See how soft signage can expand your business, allow you to offer new products, and delight your customers – all while having a positive impact on your operations and bottom line.

    Don’t miss the virtual product demo and Q&A session.


  • Video Security Solutions: Discover the key to a secure workplace

    In this technology-driven world, we can connect to the people and information we need in our daily lives anytime, anywhere. However, in the remote and hybrid environment of today, managing security and resource optimization for facilities and employees has become challenging. When blind spots exist in these areas, your organization can experience reduced employee safety, increased theft, and operational inefficiencies.

    Join Konica Minolta's Digital Transformation experts for an insightful session that explores how an end-to-end video security solution can give you all the right technology tools to fully protect your organization.

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  • Be a Video Security Superhero in Transportation & Logistics

    Ready to become a video security superhero for the transportation industry? From seaports to airports, train stations to bus stations, and freight warehouses, we know how crucial it is for physical security teams to provide the highest level of safety and protection, while keeping operations and logistics running smoothly. It’s a ‘great responsibility’ with dangers and risks (your security villains!) waiting around every corner, parking lot, loading dock and facility entrance.

    Click the link below to learn how to prevent the biggest challenges in security for the transportation & logistics industry. Accidents, fires, theft, unauthorized intruders and property damage will become your defeated enemies in no time!

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  • Cybercrime Pays: Don’t Let Hackers Drive You Out of Business

    It is no longer a question of ‘if’ you can be hacked, but ‘when’

    Click the link below to access a thought-provoking webcast with Cybersecurity Expert Graham Cluley shares insights on the inner workings of sophisticated cybercriminal gangs and shows just how easy it is for hackers to make a fortune by stealing your data. You don’t want to miss this session filled with practical tips and plenty of intrigues!

    As the hacker economy booms and most cybersecurity breaches occur due to human error, your business is a prime target for cybercriminals looking to profit, gain attention, or simply disrupt your business. Graham will share anecdotes from his thirty-year career fighting cybercrime from the frontline and will explain how data can fall into the wrong hands, intentionally or unintentionally.

    Join us for this exciting session to learn more about:

    • What makes companies vulnerable
    • How to protect yourself and your customers from attack
    • The dark side of the internet and the incredible stories it holds

    Understand your risks and prepare for the unpredictable today!

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  • Be more competitive and profitable with today's EFI roll-to-roll portfolio

    Strength in Numbers – EFI R2R portfolio has helped hundreds of customers grow their profits

    EFI’s Tomer Ohavi, R2R Product Manager, reviewed the existing industry leading Roll-to-roll portfolio with a special focus on the versatile EFI Pro 32r+. He shared some insights into EFI’s ability to help customers continue to growth their business with EFI products. Tomer also discussed how customers can profit from new opportunities and new markets with the capabilities to produce a wide range of high-margin applications on a a huge variety of flexible materials.

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  • Decoding EDR, MDR, and other Security Acronyms

    Modern threats need security solutions with advanced capabilities - you can't just rely on traditional endpoint solutions like antivirus and signature-based protection to secure your organization. Check out this session for a LIVE demo of a comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, learn what EDR is, what it means for your organization, and how to make it work for you.

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  • Preventing Loss for Business Efficiency

    Your data is always at risk. Whether it's from accidental file deletions, a ransomware attack, or a natural disaster, data loss can cripple your organization. Join Konica Minolta and our valued partner, Datto, for our next Technology Tuesday Speaker Series session to learn how you can reduce downtime and data loss to ensure operations keep running.

    See how easily and quickly your system can be infected by ransomware in our LIVE demo.

    In this session, you will learn:

    • Options for Data Recovery
    • What a Ransomware attack looks like
    • Considerations that go into an Efficiency Backup & Recovery Plan

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  • Rethink Efficiency & Workplace Culture small thumb

    Rethink Efficiency & Workplace Culture in the Digital Age

    Click the button below to access a thought-provoking webcast, full of practical tips that will make work more efficient, reduce stress and help you build a better digital culture. As the pressures on businesses continue to increase, organizations are being tasked to do more with less and make better use of their technology.


  • Digitizing Information Management

    If the previous year has highlighted anything, it is the importance of a structured approach to contingency planning and digital transformation to boost resiliency in the face of complex macroeconomic, microeconomic and technological currents. Join us on February 16th to learn how to create a targeted digital journey roadmap that will help your business drive revenue growth, enable more intelligent decisions, and boost business resilience.

    Understanding where you are today and knowing where you want to be in the future is the key to a successful digital transformation.

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  • What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

    As organizations embrace the changes needed to truly embark on a Digital Transformation journey, new tools and technologies are needed to keep up with the pace of change in today's digital-first environment. We've partnered with one of the leading RPA providers in the market, Automation Anywhere, to bring this exciting technology to our clients. During this webinar, our team will highlight what RPA is designed to do for clients, discuss common use cases for RPA, and walk through key considerations on how to get started utilizing RPA technology in your organizations. Whether you are evaluating or actively deploying RPA, join our experts to learn vital information to ensure a successful automation strategy.

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  • New Year, New Perspectives: Digital Trends for 2022 And Beyond

    Today’s business leaders must align technology, policy, and operations to drive agility and revenue in the next normal. You need tools and tactics to empower a hybrid workforce and enable digital-first customer engagement in every industry.

    Get meaningful and actionable insight from IDC and Konica Minolta to guide your strategy and technology planning for 2022.

    Start The Year Off Right.

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  • Spaces, Technology, and People : How the Digital Workplace Impacts Culture and Governance

    The workplace has become more connected than ever. Change is happening at never-before-seen speeds. You've probably even attended a couple of webinars with speakers talking about how these changes are affecting strategies, forecasts, and business growth.

    But who's thinking of the people?

    One of the most overlooked areas in digital transformation is corporate culture. Some may even think:

    Now that the pandemic is wrapping up, won't the workplace just go back to normal? Won't corporate culture just happen naturally? Can't we just give people the latest technology and let the rest sort itself out? But that's not you. You know it's not that easy.

    Join us and our special guest, Digital Anthropologist Giles Crouch. He specializes in helping organizations analyze past trends to affect future change.

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  • Security Today for Stability Tomorrow

    Join Security Experts from Fortinet, Konica Minolta, and All Covered for an exclusive VIP virtual event. We'll share ways in which implementing end-to-end security solutions promote business prosperity now - and for the future, no matter what kind of workforce model you'll be supporting.

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    Insights From The Field For Your Business

    This past year of uncertainty and economic challenge has tested the resilience of every leader across Canada. Regardless of your industry, the fundamentals of today’s top leaders are constants; from coaching your team with a careful and caring eye, to embracing optimism amidst hardships and helping your organization stay focused on results.

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  • Fastest Time to Value with a Modern Intranet

    The COVID crisis has completely reshaped how employees engage with their company and their colleagues. Hybrid Work is the new normal and requires a Digital Workplace that supports the needs of the employees, an effective and comprehensive Digital Workplace that enhances communication, collaboration, resulting in increased productivity. In this session, we will review with Lorne Phelps from Powell Software and Christina Navarro from Konica Minolta the different aspects that need to be considered in order to define a modern Digital Workplace that truly drives the Hybrid Work transformation.

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  • Innovation, Acceleration & The Intelligent Connected Workplace

    Join us for a strategic look behind the headlines as Konica Minolta’s Global Executive Director & Deputy CTO, Dennis Curry discusses the importance of future proofing your business.

    In this session, he’ll answer questions like:
    - How can I grow my business and boost its resilience in a digital-first economy?
    - How can I equip my team to be collaborative and productive?

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  • Security & Safety for Manufacturing

    Calling industry and production leaders who are looking to increase the safety and security of their production spaces. This will offer an in-depth look at new and innovative ways to protect your teams and ensure a safe and productive environment using AI and technology.

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  • Securing Your Mobile Workforce

    The digital workplace is exposing companies to an even wider range of security vulnerabilities than ever before. With remote and distributed workforces here to stay – at least, for now – businesses need to be able to manage workflows and ensure productive collaboration, all while keeping access secure.

    How can businesses approach their digital transformation journey in the most secure manner?

    From optimal office technologies to cybersecurity best practices, our panel of experts will explore how implementing end-to-end solutions is critical in keeping information safe and secure, while also effectively supporting distributed teams.

    You’ll learn about print and document security, risk management, IT security, compliance and much more

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  • ​Virtual.Drupa 2021

    Rethink your print possibilities and join us at virtual.drupa 2021.Key sessions include Automated Digital Print Production, Unexpected Printing with AccuioJetKM-1e, Labels, and Packaging featuring the AccuioLabel 230 and PKG-675i and the MOTIONCUTTER® digital laser system and the Power of Embellishment, featuring our MGI Products.

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  • IT Support For SMBs - Managing Your Business Means Managing Your IT

    What do business and technology priorities look like now, and how will they change in the future? What will businesses need to ensure they are maintaining business continuity, despite distributed teams? We’ll take a look at challenges businesses are facing and how to solve them by managing and optimizing your IT.

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  • IDC Logo

    What to Expect from Office Technology in 2021

    What will the physical workplace look like and what technology will you need with a dynamic workforce? Whether your teams will be back in the office, working remotely or a hybrid model, this webinar will help you understand what hardware and software you should be considering, how to ensure collaboration and most importantly, how to keep all your information secure.

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  • Change Maker Series Logo

    Wide-Format Day

    Join us for this exciting virtual event - the show-stopping GRAND FINALE of the Changemaker Series - coming to you LIVE from our Customer Engagement Center in Ramsey, New Jersey!

    Discover the opportunity builders that await in wide-format as Dino Pagliarello, Konica Minolta’s SVP of Product Management & Planning, Adrienne Palmer, Editor-in-Chief of Big Picture Magazine, and your print professional peers share their insights in a can’t-miss conversation.

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  • Digital Imaging Association Logo

    How technologies and applications will impact your business

    It is an exciting time in the graphic communications industry as it transitions with many new developments and innovations. How do you evaluate these new opportunities? Which ones will have a long-term impact and what should you be on the look out for. Join Dr. Bohan as he will discuss the top game changers in the industry today, assessing the business impact of many hardware and software solutions. Understand what is happening, how will this impact the products and solutions offered today, and critically how this will shape your business in years to come.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series Logo

    PDF Software is More Important than You Think. Discover Why with Konica Minolta!

    Secure document sharing and collaboration are a cornerstone of today’s digital-first business. Now more than ever, your organization requires a digital-first and cost-effective PDF solution that boosts productivity in a secure and user-friendly manner.

    When it comes to managing PDFs simply and securely, more than 2 million customers rely on Kofax Power PDF every day. Why? Because it’s built for business users.

    Join Rob Petke, Industry expert and Business Development Manager from Cranel Solutions on Jan 21st, 2 pm ET to explore the secure world of Kofax Power PDF.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series Logo

    Label & Packaging Day: Part Of The Konica Minolta Changemaker Series

    Join us for this virtual event and Rethink what is possible when printing labels & packaging. Discover the endless opportunities in this rapidly expanding market that will grow your business. Listen, learn, and see for yourself how our digital printing technologies inspire new ideas that will be changemakers for your bottom line! Contact your local production print expert for more information.

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  • Innovative Digital Transformation Series Logo

    The Future of Collaboration

    There has been a significant shift in the “traditional” workplace over the past decade. Remote users have increased exponentially, catapulting businesses into an accelerated digital transformation. As we head into this new remote workforce, the need for seamless collaboration technology working together with corporate managed infrastructure is more imperative than ever. Join Dropbox’s Business Development Manager, Richard Zee and Konica Minolta’s RVP, Global Client Sales, Aaron Mounts as they share how businesses can reform their company cultures to meet the demands of an evolving workforce, while creating ways to support productivity and reduce communication gaps.

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  • Change Maker Series Logo

    Launch Day: Accuriopress C4080 Series

    Join us for this virtual event and learn from our experts to see for yourself how this all-in-one print factory is a true changemaker, enabling you to grow your business through intelligent automation, outstanding image quality, and print application diversity. Contact your local production print expert for more information.

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  • image for Understanding Tomorrow - Creating a Human Centric and Connected Workplace

    Understanding Tomorrow - Creating a Human Centric and Connected Workplace

    We're excited to bring you yet another engaging webcast, Understanding Tomorrow: Creating a Human Centric and Connected Workplace with four-time award-winning Innovation Futurist, Shivvy Jervis. Shivvy’s expertise and thought leadership in digital transformation has brought her to some of the world’s biggest stages, with appearances at the United Nations, TED, and the Discovery Channel.

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  • Printing United 2020 Logo

    Printing United 2020

    Join Konica Minolta for 2020 PRINTING United Insight Days. Don’t miss out on our exclusive appearances on both Wednesday, November 4 where you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at Konica Minolta’s flagship LED UV inkjet press, the AccurioJet KM-1 and Tuesday, November 10, where you'll experience the AccurioPress C14000 like never before with our, “Journey of Print - Reimagined.” Get exciting glimpses of how we help Rethink the Future of Print on Wide-Format Day, Monday, October 26 and Digital Inkjet Day, Wednesday, October 28. Can't wait to see you there!

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  • IDC - Logo

    Reimagining the Future of Work: A Glimpse into 2021 and Beyond

    What will the workplace look like in 12 months? How can you make sure your business is taking the right steps today to prepare for tomorrow? Join IDC (a premier global provider of market intelligence), and Konica Minolta for their upcoming virtual event. They will debate, and explore what 2021 will have in store for businesses and how to prepare today for the changing world of work.

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  • How Cyber Criminals Think with Special Guest Michael Bazzell

    How Cyber Criminals Think: An In-Depth Look at Defending Your Business

    When facing a relentless security landscape, understanding the motivations, methods, and mindset of cyber criminals is an invaluable toolset for any business leader, making this on-demand webcast a must-see for any business interested in cyber security. Our guest speaker, former Special Investigator for FBI’s Cyber Crime Task Force, Michael Bazzell, demonstrates a ransomware attack in action and provides insight on how a cyber criminal thinks.

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  • Ignite your business using web-to-print technologies

    Ignite your Business using Web-to-Print Technologies

    Let us take you on a journey to understanding how Web-to-Print can ignite your business and create an agile atmosphere for your customers. On this webcast, we will explore the steps to mastering and automating your online print shop in order to help you pivot to the new world reality in a secure way. We will focus on strategies that will generate new sources of revenue and help you adapt to your client’s increasingly digital needs. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a 10 minute AccurioPro Flux demo with our guest speaker, Lukas Hladik from Berlin, Germany.

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  • Watch Roadmap to Re-Opening - an education panel now

    Roadmap to Reopening - An Education Panel

    While we all try to figure out how to navigate this new normal, we wanted to offer a lending ear and host a conversation between peers. All Covered will be holding an Education Panel on June 30th to do just that. Tune in to listen to the following topics:

    JOIN US! JUNE 30TH, 9AM PST, 12 PM EST to discuss:

    1. LOGISTICS/PLANNING for hybrid learning

    OUR ESTEEMED PANEL includes:

    • Regina Powers, District Librarian - Anaheim Union High School District
    • Rose Lee, Director of Transportation - Unified School District
    • Brianna Hodges, National Advisor and Faculty Member - Future Ready Schools.
    • Jerry Almendarez, Superintendent - Santa Ana School District
    • Michael McCormick, Superintendent - Val Verde School district

    Register below to join us. When you receive your confirmation email, please fill out the survey to let us know what you’d like to talk about. Thank you

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  • Watch Now - A real-life look at the return to work solution

    A Real-life Look at the Return to Work Solution

    Implementing a safe and effective return to work strategy can reap long term benefits by creating an innovative corporate culture of care and confidence that will have far-reaching effects long after the pandemic has ceased. Join Konica Minolta’s Michael Thomas, ECM Regional Sales Director, and Jonathan Warren, ECM National Sales Engineering Director, as they take a deep-dive into our Return to Work Solution, citing vertical -specific applications and demonstrating example scenarios that may work best for your business needs. As your trusted partner, we offer a collaborative approach in helping design an optimal return to work strategy featuring daily virtual health screenings, thermal scanning technologies, and crisis-response management platforms with secure reporting so you’re prepared for your workplace of the future.

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  • Watch Now - How Colour Management Affects the Future of Your Business Webinar

    How Colour Management Affects the Future of Your Business

    Predictable and repeatable colour provides the foundation for producing quality printed materials. The colour management landscape for digital printing is an ever-changing environment of new technologies, standards and certifications. Understanding how these developments impact your business can be a confusing path to navigate. Join us as Dr. Mark Bohan, Director of Colour Solutions, focuses on giving print professionals who are working in sales or management an overview of colour management, the requirements for consistent colour, tools and technologies available and how they can impact your business.

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  • Watch  Prepare for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace with Workflow Automation Innovation Webinar

    Prepare for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace with Workflow Automation Innovation

    As businesses prepare for the "new normal" in a post-COVD-19 world, innovative technologies, such as automation systems, are key to accelerating workflows, cutting costs, and reducing the need for manual operations. Join us to learn more about Konica Minolta-developed solutions, such as our award-winning Dispatcher Phoenix document workflow solution, helping improve business efficiencies for an enhanced workspace.

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  • Register for the return to work strategy webinar now

    5 Key Considerations in Designing a Return to Work Strategy

    As more and more companies begin preparing for employees to return to the physical workplace, it’s important to consider developing and implementing strategies to safeguard employees. Ensure exposure risks are minimized as recommendations and guidelines evolve and vary from state and local governments.

    Join Konica Minolta Business Solutions to learn ways your back to work procedures can be simplified. Let us share how implementing virtual employee health checks, thermal scanning technology and a crisis-response management platform for critical decision-making can enable a secure transition back to the office.

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  • We've Got You All Covered Series Logo

    Post-Pandemic Planning - Pivoting to a Distributed Workforce

    SMBs can leverage tools and technology quickly in a newly distributed workforce and learn how to start planning to adapt workforces when returning to the new “normal” of business operations. Learn more on enhancing user experiences for future pivots and being resilient during future situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Watch the Managed Security Awareness webinar now

    Managed Security Awareness Training for a Secure Business

    Training and educating your employees on what to look for when it comes to ransomware, phishing and scams is a full time job. Understanding how to manage this the best way possible is complex. Join our national security team on May 26th at 12 pm to discuss Managed Security Awareness Training as it is more prevalent now than ever before.

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  • Watch the Improving Patient Care through Secure, Interoperable Exchange webinar in English now

    Improving Patient Care Through Secure, Interoperable Exchange

    Interoperability continues to be an elusive concept in healthcare and the current pandemic highlights the complications and challenges posed by disconnected systems and providers.

    Join us as we discuss the importance of data interoperability in a COVID-19 and post-pandemic world and gain insights into how technology can contribute to improving the landscape of secure, interoperable exchange.

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  • Watch the Security and Data Protection for Today's Remote Workforce webinar

    Security & Data Protection for Today’s Remote Workforce

    With so many Canadians working remotely, organizations are facing greater risk than ever when it comes to cyber security. Join us on May 14th as we discuss security and data protection for the remote workforce as part of our Evolving the Workplace web series.

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  • Virtual Reception Solutions

    Virtual Reception Solutions

    Although we are social distancing right now, we should not lose the personal touch with our customers. Discover Alice the virtual receptionist as part of our Evolving the Workplace web series.

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  • Watch Automate Your Print Shop to See the Best ROI

    Automate Your Print Shop to See the Best ROI

    The promise of printing 4.0 is a reality. Print service providers are seeing increased profits due to automation of workflow and finishing. Lisa Salerno, product marketing manager for production presses at Konica Minolta, will discuss how new presses paired with inline finishing devices and solutions can automate tasks leading to increased efficiencies in the print shop. Implement these time-saving tips now to help aid in financial recovery post-quarantine. Moderated by Jack Noonan, Vice President, Business Development, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

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  • click here to register for selling through a crisis courses

    Selling through a crisis*

    Prokom’s sales guru Lee Warren takes you through the key elements that will help you successfully sell through a crisis.

    Start Course

    * This content is for current km customers. if you are not a user of Konica Minolta technology, but would still like to access this content, please contact your local Konica Minolta representative.

  • Play Decode Your Digital Roadmap Webinar

    Decoding your Digital Roadmap

    Let us take you on a journey to understanding your digital needs in this new era of remote working. On this webcast, we'll explore three steps to mastering your digital roadmap. This webinar will focus on current challenges that businesses are facing due to major shifts during these uncertain times. The webinar will cover three topics: social distancing in a paper based business, leveraging E-forms to integrate into your back-end systems, and content accessibility with remote business processes.

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  • Rethink Print - Post Covid

    Go Wide for New Opportunities in Commercial Print

    This informative session will start with Tim Greene of IDC presenting a market overview of new opportunities in wide-format resulting from the impact of COVID19. Todd Smith of Konica Minolta will follow with sample applications and an overview of wide-format printers offered by Konica Minolta. Moderated by Jack Noonan, Vice President, Business Development, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

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  • Exploring the Effectiveness of PDF Software

    Exploring the Effectiveness of PDF Software

    What is the value of document manipulation in your business? How can powerful document conversions increase employee productivity? Let us explore the benefits of PDF software and see how it can turn your tedious tasks into efficient tasks.

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  • Click here to watch Double Robotics Webinar

    The Future of Teleworking: Double Robotics

    Teleworking has been on a steady rise since the early 2000s, however, due to recent global circumstances, the demand and need for remote working have increased exponentially. As our circumstances are continually changing, let us explore how we can use telepresence in traditional and non-traditional ways.

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  • Brining your label production in-house

    Bringing Your Label Manufacturing In House

    Please join us to meet two industry thought leaders from CK Enterprises and Chemical Universe. Each will talk about their expansion into label printing and how that has helped them improve and grow their businesses with digital label production.

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  • Print Safe. Prevent Fraud with MICR Printing Solutions

    Print Safe. Prevent Fraud MICR Printing Solutions for Commercial and In-plant Financial Printers

    Secure printing comes to financial institutions, banks, and government agencies through the technology in Konica Minolta’s new AccurioPress 6136P MICR featuring Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) toner from the Troy Group. This virtual event will be hosted by Konica Minolta with presenting participants Ed Bokuniewicz, Product Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta, and Charles Sanders, Strategic Account Executive FSI and Production Print at The Troy Group.

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  • How to Protect and Secure a Distributed Workforce

    How to Protect and Secure a Distributed Workforce

    With new vulnerabilities surfacing in this new world of work, knowing how to protect and secure your distributed workforce has never been more importance.

    Join Julie Branc, Director, Client & Experience Strategy, as she discusses what a distributed workforce looks like, why ransomware attacks are on the increase, and how to safeguard your employees wherever they're working from.

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