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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)- Asponte Custom Skin

  • Watch the Security and Data Protection for Today's Remote Workforce webinar

    Security & Data Protection for Today’s Remote Workforce

    May 14, 2020    

    With so many Canadians working remotely, organizations are facing greater risk than ever when it comes to cyber security. Join us on May 14th as we discuss security and data protection for the remote workforce as part of our Evolving the Workplace web series.

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  • Virtual Reception Solutions

    Virtual Reception Solutions

    May 7, 2020    

    Although we are social distancing right now, we should not lose the personal touch with our customers. Discover Alice the virtual receptionist as part of our Evolving the Workplace web series.

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  • Play Decode Your Digital Roadmap Webinar

    Decoding your Digital Roadmap

    April 30, 2020    

    Let us take you on a journey to understanding your digital needs in this new era of remote working. On this webcast, we'll explore three steps to mastering your digital roadmap. This webinar will focus on current challenges that businesses are facing due to major shifts during these uncertain times. The webinar will cover three topics: social distancing in a paper based business, leveraging E-forms to integrate into your back-end systems, and content accessibility with remote business processes.

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  • Rethink Print - Post Covid

    Go Wide for New Opportunities in Commercial Print

    April 29, 2020    

    This informative session will start with Tim Greene of IDC presenting a market overview of new opportunities in wide-format resulting from the impact of COVID19. Todd Smith of Konica Minolta will follow with sample applications and an overview of wide-format printers offered by Konica Minolta. Moderated by Jack Noonan, Vice President, Business Development, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

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  • Exploring the Effectiveness of PDF Software

    Exploring the Effectiveness of PDF Software

    April 23, 2020    

    What is the value of document manipulation in your business? How can powerful document conversions increase employee productivity? Let us explore the benefits of PDF software and see how it can turn your tedious tasks into efficient tasks.

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  • Click here to watch Double Robotics Webinar

    The Future of Teleworking: Double Robotics

    April 16, 2020    

    Teleworking has been on a steady rise since the early 2000s, however, due to recent global circumstances, the demand and need for remote working have increased exponentially. As our circumstances are continually changing, let us explore how we can use telepresence in traditional and non-traditional ways.

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